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Delaware Vapor supported JUUL for years while others in the industry shunned them. Even when Altria bought a significant stake in the company we believed it was simply the free market at work and JUUL's products were still part of Tobacco Harm Reduction. Since late 2018, JUUL / Altria have drawn a line in the sand and are now actively working to sabotage the open system market by aggressively pushing Tobacco21 policy across all 50 states with a seemingly limitless budget. While the proponents of these policies insist they will be effective, preliminary studies are showing that states with T21 are already seeing increases of youth smoking in the 18-21 age group. Considering one of the most used reasons to impose Tobacco21 is that 95% of smokers started before they were 21, it seems ironic that we see a use increase in that critical age group due to these programs.

We cannot support a company that is actively trying to put our industry out of business. If you are an informed vaper who values your rights as well as the tobacco harm reduction potential of the open system market we encourage you to find an alternative to JUUL. We recommend either the PHIX or the BO to our customers who prefer the ease of a closed system.